O Solar

Solar do Bom Jesus ou Solar de Gil Eannes

Hotel Solar do Bom Jesus occupies a historic building recently refurbished, having the name of the Bom Jesus or Solar Solar of Gil Eannes.
The name of the Bom Jesus is due to the fact that is close to the primitive Church of Santa Cruz called Church of Bom Jesus, because the current is consecrated to s. Salvador. On the other hand, had the title of Gil Eannes Solar for having been built in the lands of Morgado Gil Eannes de Santa Cruz.
It is an 18th century building, in the year 1763, as the inscription on the main gate Summit stonework building. The Manor at that time deployed in the areas of Gil Eannes, noble merchant of Santa Cruz, has a rectangular plan, with a linear composition façade, sober and harmonious with traces of civil architecture and erudite, well represented and respected in your restoration, including the feature your Tower, the Windows in the guillotine, the monumental spherical plain bearings in the Windows and doors, as well as the already mentioned and distinct main door. All these references that remain after the restoration, make this a fine specimen of solar manor houses of Madeira Island and the mainland Portuguese that were in vogue in the 18th century as homes of noble families with great luxury and comfort, usually inhabited by elite families of a region. Of course, the economic conditions of the owners of these houses differed from the rest of the population, in the case of buildings that would meet the needs and demands in terms of comfort, decor and architecture of the wealthiest families.
This Solar will have belonged to the family of Viscounts of Torre Bela (noble military and diplomats with links to European aristocratic families) and where he lived for several periods the Viscountess of Torre Bela (Berlin, 18 March 1839 – Funchal, August 9 1925) known for large aristocratic Parties Organization and philanthropy who the Madeiran society was due several acts of charity and assistance , one of which would be to offer your property’s Quinta de s. Filipe for the installation of the School of Arts and crafts of Funchal.
Until very recently the Manor of Bom Jesus was in an advanced state of degradation, suffering strong erosion and even a fire that destroyed a chapel that was in your interior.
Fortunately the deep work of refurbishment and restoration restored dignity to one of the most emblematic buildings in the municipality of Santa Cruz and even of the autonomous region of Madeira, keeping the full stroke and the unique features of the Manor, with all the modern architectural conditions for the tasks that you are assigned.